Tecnología: mucho más que aparatos


  • Diana Victória Victória Hugo Universidad Nacional Del Comahue
  • Patricia Olea Universidad Nacional Del Comahue - Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación
  • Mara Olavegogeasoechea Universidad Nacional Del Comahue
  • Farias Nanci Mariel Universidad Nacional Del Comahue
  • Silvia Ávila Universidad Nacional Del Comahue




Enseñanza CTS, Definición Tecnología


This paper shows a didactic unit designed in the Iberoamerican Project about The Nature of Science and Technology (EANCYT) EDU2010-16553 financed by the National Plan of I+D of the Science and Innovation Department (Spain).It aims at stimulating in students the complexity in these reductionist beliefs with regard to Technology detected in the previous Iberoamerican Project of attitudes assessment connected with Science, Technology and Society (PIEARCTS). The activities start from a contextualized problem which is solved in groups through the creation of a technological object. The last aim is to lead them to reflect on the task confronting the own initial definition of Technology with three topics/ beliefs given by common sense so as to rectify it and expand it, being aware of its humanistic vision and of the dialectic interaction that is established with Science. The impact of this didactic unity will be assessed through the application of a pre and post test to two groups of 12 and 15 years old from an experimental group and from another control, using as the instrument of investigation , issues from the standardized questionnaire of opinions about science, technology and society. (COCTS)




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HUGO, D. V. V.; OLEA, P.; OLAVEGOGEASOECHEA, M.; MARIEL, F. N.; ÁVILA, S. Tecnología: mucho más que aparatos. Revista de Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, [S. l.], v. 3, n. 3, p. 105–115, 2012. DOI: 10.26843/rencima.v3i3.379. Disponível em: https://revistapos.cruzeirodosul.edu.br/index.php/rencima/article/view/379. Acesso em: 1 abr. 2023.




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